Targeted Online Advertising

October 20th, 2009

{ Old School or Unconventional? }

No one has ever accused me of being a conformist! Over the past five years I have tried every type of advertising…  From paid inclusion to CPM, to CPA to CPC  and everything in between.  Personally, as both an advertiser and a publisher I have found advertising to be one of the most frustrating aspects of my business… with one exception:  Flat Rate Ad Placement.

Flat Rate Ad Placement represents the oldest and most basic online advertising methodology. Under this model you rent advertising space at a fixed rate for a specified period of time. this method is most similar to traditional billboard or classified ads. Although this may not be the most widely utilized method of advertising online today it is the method that I chose to offer when an client is interested in placing an ad on one of the WhyZoom Media sites. The reason for adopting this method is threefold. I want to minimize the risk to my clients. I want to minimize the risk of the company. I believe our fixed advertising rates are exceedingly fair given our targeted markets, quality of traffic and traffic volumes.

In the future we will offer a CPA option but for now,  this old school, non-conformist as well as my clients are happy with the flat rate model … everyone knows exactly what they are getting and everyone can easily manage / track the monthly budget!

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