Web Properties

October 20th, 2009

{ Internal Website Network }

My internal network of web properties is focused on delivering exclusive, niche based content through:

a. Unique Social Media Based Sites Powered by Our Proprietary Software

b. Content Rich Properties Powered by WordPress

c. SEO Compliant Feeder Sites & Landing Pages.

These wholly owned properties are focused on providing a quality experience for our members while also providing keyword rich, targeted web properties for advertisers. I decided to purchase domains based on my personal interests which, to my wife’s dismay are quite diverse! The complete list of my ( WhyZoom Media’s ) wholly owned properties can be found here.

{ Client Owned Web Properties }

Up until Q3, 2009 my efforts were focused solely on our own internal properties and software projects. I would help a friend here and there and once in a while take on a short term consulting job. Why? Primarily because WhyZoom Media and TC WebPros are small companies with huge ambitions .. and quite a few domains to manage!

That said however, with the completion of our new software project, and the search engine results we have achieved interest has peaked.

Beginning in January 2010 we will be working with a number of clients on projects which range in scope from developing and implementing search engine strategies to the development of substantial, niche based social media centered properties.